Monday, October 11, 2010

Good news for all our millions of fans out there! We knew there had to be at least one more LitSnob out in the world somewhere and we've finally found her!

Will Write For Food (we'll call her WWF for short, shall we?) has a regular job by day; but at night, and at times when her boss isn't looking, her hidden talents as author and critic spring forth. Her Critiques have hitherto ranged from those on public toilets to men's attire:

There once was a girl who would shriek in horror
To folks who'd wear low-waisted pants and moon her-
"Oh, good heavens, my dear,
I've seen more of your rear
Than you ever will! Look into belts, why dontcher?!"

Books have so far been strangely ignored, but this is all going to change now. And she's more prolific than the rest of us put together. Which should be good news for you, Dear Reader.

WWF usually, err, writes for food, but she accepted no payment for her first post because she wrote the tribute simply out of her love for Anne, which is a close second to her love of cats - or was it the other way around? Her taste in food is nearly as diverse as her tastes in literature and she writes nearly as often as she feasts so expect a lot of activity on this here Sacred Space.